NEXUS is the first and only licensed Company in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain to set up independent Flight Operations Services. Our headquarters are based in Saudi Arabia with a back-up Flight Operations Centre located in Bahrain as well as a new Africa base in Rwanda.

The owners’ aviation experience spans almost 25 years and during this period they have served some of the most elite clients in the Middle East and Africa. Over the years, our team has become very familiar with each of our customers’ needs and the challenges which face aircraft operation in this part of the world as well as for customers out of the region.

Since inception, NEXUS has established numerous vendor relationships and partnered with highly respected international companies including leading aviation training company FlightSafety International, international security services company FAM International and the largest Middle East aviation consultancy firm MAZ Aviation Consultants.

Through these exclusive partnerships NEXUS offers a plethora of globally-renowned security, training and safety services and products. From world class training programmes and thorough safety audits to specialised security solutions, NEXUS provides total solutions to all of your aviation needs under one roof.

The backbone of NEXUS flight operations is its system and infrastructure, one of the most advanced and widely used aviation software, which is custom designed for NEXUS to be able to offer flight support to third parties.

Offering top quality services ranging from global concierge and flight dispatch to crew scheduling and maintenance management, NEXUS provides superior technical expertise and complete convenience to all of our clients.