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Business Aviation has nowhere to go but up

In an interview with Abdullah Al-Sayed, CEO & president, Nexus Flight Operation Services, Unnati Narang explores the potential for growth of business aviation in India, the policy framework inhibiting it and the way forward.

What makes business jets a lodestone for companies?
There is no other way to respond in a timely manner in-person without the use of a business aircraft.
The ability to react at a moment’s notice is critical to a successful business.
The airlines are a wonderful means to move masses to distant locations, but are virtually useless at moving key people in a timely manner.

Does business aviation in India have a scope for growth?
The scope of Indian aviation will be even more powerful than most of the western world because it’s in a growth mode.
India has untapped capacity for manufacturing and manpower.
Aviation is the key to growth, development and business.

What are some of the challenges faced in educating the Indian government about the benefits of business aviation?
Since the inception, Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) was not up to speed with the growth of business aviation in the country.
The benefits of business aviation were not shown as they were for commercial aviation.
However, DGCA has noticed that they should cope with the latest rules and regulations.

Apart from regulation and infrastructure, is business aviation in India being choked by high taxes?
Business aviation has been held down from the start.
The process of securing approval for a flight is painfully slow and has inhibited the growth of Indian business.
In the absence of the ability to operate freely, the cost of delays, taxes, services, etc. is at a staggering high.

How do you anticipate the future of business aviation in India?
Business aviation has nowhere to go but up. The real question is how much longer must progress be delayed. It is 2013 and the rules that are holding back its growth are looming 40-50 years behind the western world. Read more

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